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Welcome to Women Walking in the Word Enrichment Program.  I am so excited you have decided walk with us through the Word of God.  I truly believe this is not a coincidence you were lead to this ministry to enhance your Christian walk.

Our Mission

​​Our mission is to empower women all over the world through the Word of God; helping them to heal from broken hearts due to life's situations and circumstances.  No one can do it alone and we are called by God to help ALL women to begin or enhance their relationship with Jesus Christ by upholding the standards of the Word of God to impact their daily lives.


Our  Goal
Our goal is to impact women through practical methods by teaching them with simplicity, and understanding on how to apply biblical principles to their daily lifestyles; thereby ultimately impacting their family and making a difference in their community.


Women Walking in the Word Enrichment Program is unique approach enabling us in to affectively reaching a diverse group of women all over the world.  For years women have sought solutions to emotional, spiritual, and mental stability.  I believe your life will never be the same as a result of your attendance.



Understanding Life and Empowering Change

The purpose of the program is to help women enhance their relationship with the Lord by teaching them to walk as virtuous women upholding the standards of God's Word in every area of their lives.

Women will walk away filled with encouragement to lead a more meaningful life through our faith-based enrichment programs.  Once they have changed their way of thinking, talking, and living, then they can take what they have learned, go out into their communities and change the lives of other women they come in contact with.

We strive to empower women worldwide to lead by example, demonstrating integrity, honesty, and truth in their professional and personal lives.  Women wear many hats.  They interact within their churches, businesses, marriages, families, and relationships.  This enrichment program will prepare them for their next season of life.



“I truly believe God will do miraculous things in your life during this season as you walk with Him through life.”

 Deneen Whatley

Here are a few sessions we will cover:

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  • Your New Identity

  • Dealing With Your Past So You Can Proceed With Your Future

  • Walking In Your Purpose

  • Overcoming Strong Holds

  • Money Matters

  • Building Better Relationships

  • Work, Ministry and Home Life Balance

  • How's Your Prayer Life?

  • And much more....


To include open discussions, quiz, test, group exercises, reading material......


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